The Global Village – Part 2

Yesterday, we introduced the idea of thinking about the big picture and living in a global village with some whole-world concern.  Here’s a few things I do and would recommend.

1. Give money to third world work that makes a difference. Churches typically commit every dollar of global mission giving to practical needs such as feeding, clothing, medical expenses and housing in areas where it is most needed by making use of long-term contacts in the field.  The money given is not spent on advertising, administration or wages back in Australia.

2. Become aware of needs to not only help them, but to get a better perspective on your own life. By arming yourself with information on needs you can talk up the concern with others and then find that your own financial and time priorities change.  Writing letters, fundraising, praying and helping people in other parts of the world becomes an easier priority. You become a more attractive and friendlier person when your own perspectives are outward, rather than inward, anyway.

3.  Commit time to global concerns.  Going to a country may or may not be possible, but pursuing an interest in world events will fire up your passion to make a difference.  For instance, how do you feel about the sex slavery, rampant poverty, human trafficking or child prostitution that exists in countries throughout the world?  What can you learn about these or how can you commit to playing your own small part in eradicating them by partnering with a church or organisation that is making a difference?

4.  Change mindsets.  Saying that people in third world countries have invited trouble through sin or poor choices is simplistic and maybe even heartless.  Some people feel trapped and forced into behaviours that would appal us because they are simply trying to get ahead financially to avoid starving to death.  I find that as I get closer to Christ, I become more compassionate and less judgmental and my heart breaks for those who by a mere accident of birth, find themselves in a set of life circumstances that I will never likely know first hand.

Honestly, for most of us, money is what we can most easily and readily give to help in small ways when we feel too busy to do much else.  And those often-unnecessary take-away lunches, once-watched DVDs and seldom worn clothes are all evidence that we can potentially give much more than we do.  Any Christian is, by definition, a person who is sold out to serve Christ in the world.  And however we choose to define that world, there are surely people in it who need much more from us when we have so much we can give.


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