God of the Gaps

I’ve never heard of any atheist or agnostic being able to conclusively disprove the existence of God, just as I’ve never heard a person of faith completely prove His existence either. That’s because science, which relies on observation, measurement and rational inquiry, cannot explain that which is beyond its limits.  Many scientists think that the limits can be pushed indefinitely, but just as athletic feats reach an asymptote of near perfection beyond which records are eventually only broken in hundredths of seconds, so too our knowledge of the world reaches a near completeness beyond which faith maintains its rightful place at the table of discovery.

The idea that the ‘God of the gaps’ is merely invoked to explain what is not yet known is very simplistic.  It is an idea that presumes a ‘science of the gaps’ will one day give an explainable cause for that which is yet unknown.  Surely, this is speculation, which is in the realm of faith, not reason.

It is simply fanciful to believe that we can ever know all things with certainty.  Belief in God’s existence or His non-existence is one of those pursuits that is beyond comprehension.  We might choose the faith of belief or the faith of unbelief, but there is no middle ground of non-belief.  We all have a values system by which we live and it always resembles a faith of sorts, be it full of paradoxes and tensions with which we resolve to live or be it somewhat more systematic. We end up choosing to live within parameters that we can not fully explain beyond all doubt.

In the end, I choose a faith in God that is not beyond all doubt, just beyond reasonable doubt. It is no mere crutch to cling to a God of eternity who I believe to be knowable, when the alterative is to risk an eternity apart from Him if I should find despite unbelief that He in fact does exist.  After all, the fallible and imperfect nature of life shows us that we are all, in the end, crippled; and if that is really so, the crutch ain’t a bad one to lean on!


2 thoughts on “God of the Gaps

  1. Cute Cartoon Rob: it puts me in mind of an evolutionist coming across a computer in the desert and concluding that it had evolved from the sand-which-is there – a tasty morsel indeed; maybe he had a chip on his shoulder!

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