Why Didn’t God Stop the Nazis? – Part 2

God didn’t stop the killing or prevent the destitution in camps like Bergen-Belsen (and doesn’t stop death in third world countries, mass murders, suicide killings and other tragedies), because His love for humanity doesn’t enable life to work this way.  God loves all people enough to give everyone a free will to choose to accept Him and to live well when we could equally well choose not to.  This means that we live with the fruit of choices made by others, too – good or bad.  Also, if God eradicated sin, we would not be able to give love to Him freely – our love would not be love at all.  

If He eradicated only the worst of sins, there would be a new category of worst sins warranting further removal until what arbitrary endpoint? The logical extension is that we would have all free will removed and be no better than robots.

And, no, God is not a cosmic megalomaniac, despotically demanding our gift of love for His divine appeasement. God is simply trying to win all of us back to Himself, because He loves us enough to want to spare us the eternal consequences of failing to live up to the standards of perfection we ultimately need in a Heaven that is free of the problems and pains of this sinful world.

But can you look beyond the obstacles to faith and realise that getting over them is the key to your brightest future? You actually get sucked into the same hopelessness and despair of the soul the more that you revert to living for yourself.

Can you live outwardly so that in serving and loving others, you find the real person that God has wired you to want to become? Can you use your life to make a difference, like Helen Bamber who has, for decades, devoted herself to restoring hope to the victims of human rights violations? Not everyone will, at least, not in that way.

But you can live life well and with confidence for the benefit of others. You can make a difference to others. You can even have overwhelming optimism and know that, no matter how bad things may seem or have been, you are loved, loveable and lovely.

God sees you that way and has always longed for you to experience His unconditional love, but He will not force that on you. He offers a gift of eternal life in the form of the Lordship of Jesus Christ who we choose to serve as we accept the payment of His life for the stain of our disconnectedness from God. This is a gift that must be opened by each person, in order to truly be received.

We can not only find a reason for living on the basis of this personal relationship with God, but we can know that God has a plan for us, a plan to build hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11) for anyone who will give Him a chance. Why not consider giving Him that chance today? Why not ask Him to be Lord of your life and be released into the best that He has to offer? It means living His way and this is far from dull – it gives the best life, the best perspective and an ultimate reason for living life to the max!


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