Unity is a Choice

It’s pretty hard to respect politics in Australia and to see why it should get so much airtime on news broadcasts when the major parties are so fragmented and the people in them so often inclined to put selfish interest above the greater good of their team.

The rude and boisterous behaviour of so many politicians serves a poor example to young people of whom more is expected in the average school. And, sadly, it doesn’t seem to matter which side of politics wins an election, the system (and human nature) creates a dog-eat-dog world of fractious disharmony and ego-driven unruliness.

Unity is a choice. We choose unity when we put the interests of others ahead of our own. In 1 Corinthians 6, the Apostle Paul even shows us that the appearance of unity is so important that it warrants individual believers waiving their right to pursue fellow Christians in court, for fear that it create a bad impression.

I wonder what the Christian church of today’s world, or indeed any political party we might care to name, would look like if more ‘true believers’ would surrender their right to be offended. Maybe a little more appreciation of how people have got to where they are and how life is not about ‘me’ as much as it is about ‘we’ would help to produce a little perspective!


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